MRI 1.5T (16 channel)

MRI Scan: Achieva 1.5T

The Achieva 1.5T A-series features an ultra-compact, 1.57m short-bore magnet, the latest generation in a leading line of actively shielded magnet technology. The magnet is designed to deliver high homogeneity, providing excellent image quality and fat suppression over a large field of view (the largest in industry -53cm-in the z-direction), essential for today’s demanding applications, such as off-center body and orthopedic studies.

It features high performance whole body, non-resonant, self-shielded gradient technology with new amplifiers that deliver the high peak and slew rates for the demanding requirements of the latest and emerging clinical imaging techniques. With soft tone inside every system, gradients are powerful, yet very quiet. Despite short TEs and TRs, and high spatial and temporal resolution, gradient linearity –
critical for geometric accuracy of the images- is not compromised.

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